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Mobile SSH delivers a full-features wireless SSH and Telnet solution that supports VT100, IBM 5250, and IBM 3270 Terminal Emulation- even Bluetooth- so you can access and manage a wide range of network devices from your Motorola phone. With Mobile SSH you can manage AS/400, iSeries, Novell Netware, Unix and Linux Computers IBM Mainframes, Cisco Routers and Switches- dramitically decreasing costly network downtime, and accelerating response intervals. System Requirements: Java MIDP 2.0, , 70KB of storage, VPN recommended for non ssh client New Features Bluetooth- Great for providing on-site support, you can attach a Bluetooth serial adapter to any network device with a console serial port, and then use Mobile SSH over Bluetooth to connect to and manage the device. Support for custom IT policies on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server- Making it easier to pre-configure connection lists and control access for BlackBerry Users Support for RSA SecurID authentication - if your BlackBerry Enterprise Server is configured to require third-party applications to authenticate using RSA two-factor authentication, Mobile SSH supports it.

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